Tuesday, September 15, 2009

San Francisco - Street Shots

As promised, I'll start posting a few of my photos from San Francisco. As I go along, I'll be adding them to this album as I feature the newest photos individually in the blog. You can click each thumbnail for an enlarged version of the photo.

This first shot was a man making jewelry to sell on the side of the street. He was near Ghiardelli Square at the cable car turnaround.

The next photo is an extended exposure of the carousel on Pier 39.

And finally, a view of Chinatown. Everything felt very "in your face" there, from the bright lanterns to the interesting people. Even their streetlights (towards the right of the photo) were unique.

Plenty more to come!

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C. Beth said...

So I commented on all the pics in Picasa, but I don't know if it showed up...?