Thursday, September 17, 2009

Orange Bouquet

I've been following soulbrush for quite awhile. She's a kind and lovely woman and her blog is absolutely beautiful. She's an artist working with many different materials and palettes and subjects; you never know exactly what you're going to find when you visit her blog but it's always vibrant and always a treat. Also, she posts photos of her adorable granddaughter, Maggie, in the sidebar. Come for the art, stay for the baby!

This is why I was so excited when she announced she was opening an Etsy shop! I rushed there and immediately placed my order for Orange Bouquet.

It's odd that this is the piece that caught my eye. I'm not a flowery girl and orange is one of my least favorite colors. But something about the flow of the lines and the brightness against the darker background really grabbed my attention.

The picture at left is of the framed piece resting on a shelf in my dining room. I haven't quite decided where it will live permanently but for now I'm trying it out against my deep red walls. What do you think?

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