Saturday, January 2, 2010

Creative New Year

The last few weeks I haven't felt much inspiration. At least, not of the sort I'd post about here. But now it's the new year and I'm trying to be very open to creativity. I've cleared the guest room (where I go for quiet time when it's too cold outside) and I'm adding pieces to my inspiration wall. Soon, I'll have to snap a photo. In keeping with my desire to be receptive to whatever muse may smack me around grab hold, I'm printing this Creative Manifesto to keep nearby. Check it out, you may like it.

One of my favorite gifts that I received over the holidays was from Joe's Auntie. Don't you love those gifts that you had no idea you wanted but they are somehow perfect for you? She sent me Charley Harper's coloring book and a brand new set of colored pencils.

I adore this book - it's like a coloring book for grown-ups, full of modern-looking line art. It's been awhile since I spent any time coloring but I'm sure Auntie thought it would be a nice calming activity for me. One I can do in the guest room, even. Yay Auntie!