Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Return to Painting

Remember last June when I was all excited about watercolors? Classwork got the best of me and I haven't picked them up since, though I have spent some time coloring with my colored pencils.

With a clear schedule and desire to make a mess, I hauled out the watercolors again and had a lot of fun! I'm going to go ahead and post both of them here, along with some notes so I can remember what I did.

Mess #1: aka "Tree with swing and sheep: a completely original idea"

clickin to embiggen

No plan other than playing with technique. I started with the grass and let it dry before adding the sky. I'm actually quite pleased with the blending with the sky. I did a bit of blotting with a paper towel and then went back in with some white paint which created something like lines of clouds.

Next, the tree, the swing, and the leaves. I kinda like the leaves - after sketching out the tree and a few branches, I just started dabbing my brush around with different colors.

Because I wanted to put something on the hill on the left, I decided to add a fence and some white dots that Twitter insists will be believable as distant sheep.

I finished by going back over the grass and adding vertical darker green lines to give it some texture.

Mess #2: which was all about a specific technique

clickin to embiggen

Here, I wet the paper with a sponge and then used painter's tape to mask off two lines, despite being told on Twitter that this was the wrong kind of tape. I then smeared a bunch of color all over the place, screwed around blotting it with a paper towel and a sponge (leaving gunky bits behind) and then removed the tape.

I did have some tearing when I removed the tape, but that's alright. What I was interested in was the overall effect, which I do like and plan to work with some more, as soon as I purchase the correct tools.

A masterpiece? Of course not. But I had a lot of fun experimenting while blasting Frou Frou and not giving a damn about anything else going on in my life right now. I think I'll do it again soon.


Melinda said...

I love your tree and swing. Also, those are so obviously sheep!

I am adding embiggen to my list of words. I like it!

Diane said...

What great therapy! I think they look wonderful :O)

C. Beth said...

I really like the leaves (quite impressionistic-looking.) The colors in the 2nd painting are pretty too--peaceful. Nice!

Susie Clevenger said...

The tree and swing are so much fun...the feeling of fantasy...you second art piece is lovely too..it would make a lovely scrapbook page...I see children's pictures on it..living life on a watercolor rainbow...sorry the poet in me doth get carried away... :)