Friday, July 17, 2009


This is a recent submission to The One Minute Writer If you're unfamiliar, the site provides a daily prompt to spend just sixty seconds writing about. I don't participate every day but probably a few times a week.

This piece was a response to a Friday Fiction prompt:
Write a brief bit of fiction involving running.

It's nothing astounding but I kinda liked it and didn't want to lose track of it.
I could hear him behind me. I didn't dare look back but I could sense him gaining ground. Not sure how much longer I could keep up this pace, my eyes constantly scanned ahead of me. I was searching for a hiding place, assistance, some sort of escape from my relentless assailant.

As I rounded the corner, I spotted my salvation. Daddy! I jumped into his arms, giggling as our new puppy bounced at Daddy's legs, unable to reach me. My pudgy little toddler legs may not be that fast but as long as Daddy was there to save me, no way would that puppy steal my ball!

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